Egg Protection

This egg drop contest, hosted by my friends Tom and Kirsten, looks like much more fun than the version I had to endure for my high school Physics class.


Al Franken has announced…

…his race for U.S. Senate for the state of Minnesota, with this announcement, which to me is an eloquent explanation of the philosophy at the heart of progressivism. I’ve been a fan of the comedian/author/political commentator/radio host long before his Air America/Rush Limbaugh bashing days (Doggone it, people like him!).

This will definitely a be race to watch.

Rome – the TV series


Yesterday I read Gary Kamiya’s article on Salon about the TV series Rome. While the article is a bit fawning (is any show that good?), it’s nice to see confirmation about the fact that Rome is indeed very high quality and incredibly entertaining. If only they could make more than 12 episodes per season (Damn you, HBO! DAMN YOU! And the BBC too!). AND it’s the last season. 😦

Is it me or is Octavian Augustus vaguely hot? Meanwhile, Aprippa is so not my type. What frat house did he just step out of?

And apparently we REALLY need to see HBO’s Deadwood.

Snow in London

snowman1.jpg This is my first official post. I thought I’d put in something about the snow we had last week. We had some accumulation, but not lots, as it’s been a fairly warm winter. A lot of people who don’t live in the UK might not realise that it actually doesn’t snow much here. We get as as many snowfalls here as in Dallas (my hometown), i.e., once or twice a year. Londoners get about as excited about snow as Dallasites, and apparently the two cities are equally prepared (i.e., not terribly) for the stress on the infrastructure due to snow and ice.

Here are some pictures of the snow around my neighborhood, SE1.

I am going to try to add pictures I took of snow in SE1 from January 2003 (they’re better).